The Centre of Holistic Health & Total Well-Being

Since opening in 2003, the Health Centre at Barberyn Beach Ayurveda Resort has earned a reputation of providing effective professional and caring Ayurveda therapies. It has the benefit of long years of experience of its sister resort, Barberyn Reef, with which it shares the same kind of Ayurveda treatment.

After a review of the spa scene in Sri Lanka, Asia Spa magazine commented that it was “a place to experience Ayurveda at its best”. The health centre at Barberyn Beach has been featured extensively in newspapers and magazines in Europe and in Asia.

The majority of guests at Barberyn are looking for an Ayurveda holiday – they wish to improve their health and well-being and have a great beach vacation at the same time. All our guests quickly learn to listen to their bodies. They feel the tension and stress dissolve with the warm oil and the rhythmic strokes of the Ayurveda therapists. An increasing number of guests come to seek Ayurveda cures for specific ailments, be it shoulder pain, back ache, sciatica, insomnia, Gastritis ulcers, skin disorders, psoriasis, allergies, or arthritis, to name just a few. Ayurveda has very effective remedies for these medical problems.

Around the world, scientists search for safer medicines without adverse side effects. Ayurveda therapy is not simply a collection of herbal recipes. It is a holistic and scientific system, based on a profound philosophy, leading to a long and healthy life - without illness.

The Health Centre has a team of specially trained staff members, including resident Ayurveda physicians, medicine makers, therapists, and acupuncture specialists.

Barberyn has everything that an Ayurveda health resort needs to make your vacation a success.


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