Barberyn Beach - the Architecture & the Landscape

The architects of Barberyn Beach Ayurveda Resort provided the following comments on the selection of the building site:

"The chosen site is ideally located on a small hill overlooking the sea, gradually sloping towards the beach. It has an extraordinary view on its southern boundary. Visitors to the hotel approach the zenith of the site, which slopes down to the sea, flanked by two beautiful verdant valleys on the east and west. There is a secluded beach at the end of the eastern valley. On the west, activities such as stilt fishing can be observed. Walking and jogging can be done on this stretch of beach as well."

Three architects contributed to the design and construction of Barberyn Beach, working closely with the owners who wanted to extend the same concept as its sister resort, Barberyn Reef. The architects all brought their unique qualities to the project. They had a common understanding that the barriers between interior and exterior should be minimal, and that the harmony between building and site should be maintained. All of them took care not to disturb the existing vegetation of the site. They used natural local material wherever possible. The result of this joint endeavor is the unique architecture of Barberyn Beach.

  • The lead architect, Mr. Turner Wickramasinghe, believed in wide open spaces, clean lines and an uncluttered look.

  • Laki Senanayake’s specialty is landscaping. His hand can also be seen in the finishes and interiors. He believed that the inside and the outside should become one. The landscape should be free to invade the interiors, wherever possible. Both architects were close associates of the famous Sri Lankan architect, Geoffrey Bawa.

  • The consulting architects, Glen and Carol Smith of Glen Smith Associates in Australia, brought their love for minimalist architecture and interiors to Barberyn Beach.

The extensive grounds of Barberyn Beach Ayurveda Resort, the verdant valley and the unspoiled coastline create a feeling of space where life slows down to allow the visitor to absorb what nature bestowed.

Still and moving water brings the watering hole into focus. It attracts local bird life as well as butterflies. It is also a water reservoir for the garden. The salt-water swimming pool overlooks the ocean. Guests enjoy yoga sessions and practice at sunrise and sundown.

The land slopes to the beach and the sea. On the left hand side of the property, we find Red Cliff Bay, where guests swim at designated times, depending on the tide. On the right hand side of the property is Palm Beach, ideal for walking or jogging.



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