Gentle yoga is a powerful complement to Ayurvedic treatments

Recently embraced in the west, people in South Asia have recognized and practiced yoga for thousands of years - as a powerful complement to Ayurvedic medicine and healing. Ayurveda and Yoga come from the same philosophical matrix. They examine the body/mind concept from the perspective of maintenance of health and treatment of diseases.

The type of Yoga practiced at Barberyn is mainly traditional Hatha Yoga (postures) with Pranayama (breathing). It is designed to awaken the Kundalini (third eye). This form of Yoga helps to elongate the spine. If you can keep the spine supple, it helps delay the aging process. "You are as old as your spine". 

At Barberyn Beach Ayurveda Resort, there are two daily yoga sessions. Yoga and Tai Chi are free of charge for resident guests. The extensive grounds at Barberyn Beach are well suited for the practice of yoga. The purpose-built yoga pavilion overlooks the ocean from a prominent position.

Barberyn Beach has become a popular venue for special yoga programmes. Yoga teachers from overseas often come with their pupils to practice, in a unique combination of yoga and Ayurveda treatment.

Yogic postures and breathing techniques have long been known for their health benefits. The 15th  century “Manual on Yoga Practice”, the “Hatha Yoga Pradipika” states that "sturdiness, absence of disease and lightness" will be the result of the practice of postures (asana).

The postures (Asana) bring pressure on acupuncture points in the body - with beneficial results. For example, the "Gomakasana" brings pressure on the acupuncture points of the kidney. This can help in keeping your kidneys healthy and functioning properly.

Some of the Asanas do activate the endocrine system, which consists of ductless glands. This system is responsible for keeping all vital organs healthy and functioning, and aims at the perfection of the body.

Apart from its curative value, Yoga brings tranquility and stillness into our lives. The two aspects of Yoga thus provide a powerful tool for coping with the physical and mental stress of modern day living.

At Barberyn, there is no pressure to compete. Yoga classes are designed to cater to everyone - beginners as well as advanced students, so no one feels left out. Even the most "stiff as a board"-types will be amazed how quickly their bodies adapt and quickly start to tackle challenging and complex positions. In just a few days, your body will reward you with increased flexibility and stamina. 


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