llnesses treated at Barberyn: Psoriasis

Name of medical problem: Psoriasis 

Ayurveda name: Pakshagatha

Type of illness: Psoriasis is a severe skin disease 

Cause of illness: According to Ayurveda, the Psoriasis skin condition is due to blood impurities. These impurities can be due to many causes. They are also associated with excessively hot food, sour and salty tasting foods as well as mental stress. 


  • Patient experiences itching or scratching.

  • When scratching takes place, pink skin patches appear.

  • This is most common in elbow and knees, but may occur in any parts of the body.

Patient may experience burning sensation with watery discharge or blood from affected skin area. 

Ayurveda Treatments: Ayurveda treatment of Psoriasis consists of a combination of internal and external applications of Ayurveda medicine. 

Internal treatment

  1. Pancha Tikta Ghee: Pancha Tikta Ghee is given to the patients. It consists mainly of five bitter herbs and keeps the bowel movement normal, promotes digestion, and purifies the blood. Dosage starts with one teaspoon twice daily with a cup of warm milk before meals.
  2. Verechana Karma (Purgation therapy): is very effective for the treatment of Psoriasis. Oral medicines are administered to induce purgation. It purifies the blood and expels toxic substances, which cause psoriasis.
  3. Chandra Prabha Vati that contain Thippili (Piper longum), Gammiris (Pippernigram), Ginger (Zingberoffcinale), Kaladuru (Cyperusrotundus) etc. to be taken orally - two tablets, twice a day. It is prescribed for its diuretic action to purify the body.
  4. Manibadra powder is an orally taken herbal powder, which has a blood purifying action. Dosage is one tea spoon twice daily.
  5. Decoction containing Aswenna (Alysicarpus Vaginalis), Polpala (Aervalanata), Sarana (Trianthema Decandra) etc. are given for balancing the Pitta Dosha. After 7 days another type of decoction is given.

External treatment

  1. Green gram powder: External application of a paste of green gram powder with water on to the affected area.
  2. Shiro Abhyanga and Shareera Abhyanga also recommended.
  3. Herbal medicinal baths.

Prospects of cure: Disease can be cured if treatment is taken over a period of time.