Hello Barberyn, I've just re-found you on the web after losing your details from my previous visit in 2003. As you are asking for memories, I thought I would send you mine, in case they are of use for your book.

I ventured to Barberyn Reef with a friend who was more knowledgeable in ayervedic medicine than myself, so I really did not know quite what to expect. My visit was eagerly anticipated: my work was interesting yet very demanding & stressful; I had a close family member suffering from terminal illness; and I had lost touch with my thoughts and direction. My two weeks at Barberyn Reef in early 2003, proved to be the catalyst for a series of decisions I made to re-engage myself to my core values. The beautiful location and tranquility was of course much appreciated, but it was the holistic approach to my treatment which I feel really benefited me. Of all the treatments I received during my stay, the prescribed Shirodhara treatment I believe allowed me to switch off the disturbing 'white noise' in my head, sufficiently to clear my thoughts and make space for positive re-construction of how to live my life. The direct benefits from the treatments I received lasted for months after I left the Reef. However the indirect benefits of a clearer vision allowed me to make very difficult life decisions from which I am now (5 years later) still very much benefiting.

Thank you Barbery with very best wishes, and hope to see you sometime again.