Barberyn: whenever I say the word to anyone I get goose bumps, literally. The name alone transports me back to a time, not that long ago, where I made a journey of self-discovery, formed new friendships and had my eyes opened to an entire new world.

I went to Barberyn for a three week intensive course in Ayurveda. I had become extremely interested in Ayurveda since my first trips to India and wanted to learn more so I could eventually pass on this knowledge to others. My life path is to help people so for me Ayurveda and I naturally went hand in hand.

Why Barberyn? Well, after extensive research, and I mean really extensive research, Barberyn kept coming back up on all the internet searches I did and it definitely had the best clear and concise website by far. It appealed in the main because the price detailed everything that was included and reflected what I was looking for from this experience. I loved the photos on the website too - they kept drawing me in and I was very keen to experience Sri Lanka for the first time.

My very first impression of Barberyn was at the airport in Colombo when their lovely driver greeted me with a pillow, a bunch of bananas, a bottle of water and a huge grin. From that moment on I knew this was going to be an incredible adventure. It was also my first contact with the staff at Barberyn who made sure that nothing I asked for was too much trouble and everything that could be done to make my stay as happy and as fulfilling as possible was carried out. It is in fact each and every member staff who really, truly deserve to take the merit.

Although I was at Barberyn to enjoy two weeks of luxury treatments I was also there to learn. The course I did was three weeks long and covered the main points of Ayurveda. I loved every minute of the course, mainly because the lecturers were so wonderful, so giving and so patient and my fellow students turned out to be fantastic. The course was enticingly varied and every day was a new learning experience. I personally particularly enjoyed practising the full body massage, or abhyanga, and have since done many, many massages on people back home which they have all thoroughly enjoyed.

I think the highlights of the stay for me were definitely the one-to-one consultations and treatments, the general feeling of total well-being and of 'giving something back to your body and mind' and the utter serenity of Barberyn. I can't express enough how wonderful it was to just 'be' and not have constant noise and pressure around all the time. It is a perfect peaceful haven yet at the same time there are lots of fun things to do and to learn. For example my stay at Barberyn also opened my eyes up to the world of yoga and this again is something I practise at home now with great regularity.

I speak with passion when I say that there really isn't anywhere quite like Barberyn in the world. It is an absolutely unforgettable experience. I have told my friends, family and acquaintances about it and they all say 'wow, I would LOVE to go there'. It left such an imprint on me that I aim to go back in the very near future with my boyfriend to relish again in the treatments and hopefully further my Ayurvedic studies. I cannot wait to show him the people and the place and to once again have that unforgettable experience which is totally and utterly unique to Barberyn.