Kundalini Yoga and Ayurveda Retreat with Amir Jaan at Barberyn Reef

Dates: 8 - 18 March 2018

Place: Barberyn Reef Ayurveda Resort, Beruwala, Sri Lanka.

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Amir Jaan was classically trained in the Spiritual Art of Kundalini Yoga under the close observations of renowned Guru and mentors for 10 years, and is now almost two decades on from being a novice student. Amir is now a Senior Mentor to hundreds of students worldwide, having also worked with charities that support people in recovery, young offenders and those with special needs.

Amir Jaan brings a reassuring calmness into any learning environment, be it group or one to one. He has a gift for neutralizing the atmosphere of both the outer and inner world of attendees by sharing openheartedly his own knowledge of Yogic science, combined with the presence and confidence of his own wisdom earned by dedicated daily practise and patience.

During this retreat Amir will deliver a series of inter-connected workshops with an overarching theme of "KaizenMediZen" which could be translated as "in the spirit of continuous improvement - practice the medicine of Now".

The workshops are designed with the intention to "peel off“ the layers of personality issues, psychological paradigms and preconditioned systems of belief that have been encrusted onto our minds by our environment.

This work is a genuine attempt to reveal the "real you", naked as flame, innocent, invisible and ultimately immortal.

The programme will include the following workshops:

  • The Wu Chi ~ Adventures
  • The Only Way Out is IN
  • Freedom is Our First Name
  • The Soul Adventurers
  • Smiling Reflections
  • The Great Hall of Mirrors
  • The Living Silence
  • The Breathing Darkness
  • Still Point
  • A Clear Pool of Water
  • The Fire Dance
  • Into the Blue Ethers
  • The Caravan of Mystery
  • First Light to Twilight
  • Electricit~Chi
All the material in these workshops has been carefully selected to form a rich tapestry of wisdom, collated from the Akashic oracle of human history, and represents a collection of fascinatingly simple ideas, thoughtful notions and practical exercises borrowed from the ancient mystery schools of the yogic traditions, the shamanic understanding of the intimate relationship between us and the elemental medicine of mother earth.

Gently infused together by Amir, the workshops are complimented by a healthy dose of good humour, exquisite music, prolonged moments of silence and stillness, divine poetry and guided meditations.

Description of some of the workshops:

“Freedom is Gods First Name“

In this workshop Amir will engage the participants in a conversation about the underlining principles of Freedom. He will guide this fascinating subject from its subtleties such as the meaning of our own personal little secret ceremonies to the full spectrum of perception about the nature and mechanics of the Universe at large in order to assist with cultivating a consistent and mindful practice that allows you to become clear, clam and comfortable with your own freedom of choice.

“The Only Way Out is in”

In this workshop Amir will discuss and share practices with participants that illustrate the notion, that we are essentially trapped in the prison of the mind with its vast array of complex and multifaceted functions such as its potent and instantaneous influence over our emotional experience of both the circumstantial world or environment that we perceive as incoming data from the senses; and the lucid world of imagination that the we create with the focused attention of our projected thoughts and memories.

And the only way out of this prison of thinking that often holds us hostage against our will in the labyrinth of our minds and the phantom twilight of who you've been trained to think you are is to disappear into the "deeper field of awareness” in which the faculty of the mind swims & dances and plays in its search for Meaningful Growth, Understanding, Love, Trust & Acceptance.

“The Soul Adventurers - Navigating the Grate Living Hall of Mirrors”

In this workshop Amir will assist participants to gaze deeply into their own eyes - the eyes of your friends, family & strangers, into the Heart of the magical Mother Nature which includes the Mineral, Plant & Animal Kingdoms and to find, see & recognise in "The Other" your own smiling reflection right there.

Pricing for the retreat:
  • Standard Single - Euro 1,893

  • Standard Double Occupancy- Euro 1,796 pp

  • Beach Front Single - Euro 2,278

  • Beach Front Double Occupancy - Euro 2,038.50 pp

"All inclusive price" includes:
  • 10 nights accommodation at Barberyn Reef Ayurveda Resort

  • Initial Ayurvedic consultation with physician and subsequent consultations

  • 9 days of bespoke daily Ayurvedic treatments (spend about 2 hours per day at the health centre ) scrumptious nutritious meals every day: breakfast, lunch, afternoon tea or fruit juice, dinner

  • Daily free time to relax by the pool or on the beach and enjoy yourself

  • Optional Ayurvedic lectures, food demonstrations or short excursions to local places of interest

  • Transfer from/to Colombo Airport and Barberyn Reef Ayurveda Resort in Beruwala

Does not include: Flights, Travel insurance and Tips