In and around Beruwala

Beruwala, the location of Barberyn Reef Ayurveda Resort, lies 58 km south of Colombo. It is a popular holiday destination. A large number of hotels is located in what is known as the "golden mile" of beach.

The town adjacent to Beruwala provides facilities tourists may need, such as a post office, bank, a tourist office, a government handicraft shop, a teashop and a few restaurants. It also offers a "bazaar" (a place where locals shop) and an open "wet market" where one can buy fruit or vegetables.

Barberyn arranges short excursions to places of interests in the vicinity on most afternoons during the week. These excursions are free of charge to resident guests.
  • The Galapota Temple, a few kilometers inland, on the south bank of the river, is said to date from the 12th Century.

  • Warakagoda Temple, a small cave temple where you see tea and rubber plantations and village hamlets en route. The tour also includes a visit to a nearby “tourist village” where you can see traditional crafts being produced.

  • Brief Garden, ten kilometers inland from Bentota. It used to be the home of Bevis Bawa, older brother of renowned Sri Lankan architect Geoffrey Bawa. His house is the highlight of the tour:the artwork on display is eclectic, including a piece from one-time house guest Donald Friend. Entry is Rs.1,000. The garden is open from 8am to 5pm daily.

  • Gangatilaka Vihara: South of the Kalu Gaga Bridge on the main road. It is a hollow dagoba (Buddhist Shrine) with an interestingly painted interior.

  • The Kechimalai Mosque is said to be built on the site of the landing of the first Arabic merchants and is the focus for a major festival at the end of Ramadan.

  • The Turtle Sanctuary at Induruwa

  • River cruises


The port of Galle, thought by some to be the Biblical city of Tarshish, splendidly illustrates the solidity of the Dutch presence in Sri Lanka. The 36-hectare (89 acre) Dutch Fort, built in 1663, has withstood the ravages of time. Its massive ramparts surround the promontory that forms the older part of Galle, and shelters within its walls sturdy Dutch houses, museums and churches. This area has a quiet, relaxed atmosphere that seems almost detached from the flow of history. On the way stop at the Ambalangoda mask making factory. Entry Rs. 300.

Wet market

Visit the wet market in a three-wheeler, where you can see people buying vegetables, fruits and daily ware. Browse around and get a feel for the locality and its people.

Further away:

The resort also arranges visits to places of interest in the south of Sri Lanka - at a reasonable price.


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