Amongst the seekers

Ayurveda has a spiritual base and its evolution in Sri Lanka is linked to the development and spread of Buddhism. Spiritual practices have always been central to the lifestyles of the people who own and manage Barberyn Ayurveda Resorts. Traditional Buddhist customs are preserved at the resort, and guests are free to participate.

Following are some of the activities that take place at Barberyn Reef. Attendance is purely voluntary. 

Offering of Buddha Puja:

The staff offers Buddha Puja three times a day at the roof top shrine room. Symbolic alms (Buddha Puja) have been offered to this statue of the Buddha, which has been in the Rodrigo family in an unbroken tradition, for over 90 years.

Chanting of Pirith 

Barberyn has a close rapport with the temples in the surrounding areas. Monks come to the resorts often, to chant Pirith and receive alms.

Alms giving at Barberyn 

Monks are regularly offered alms at both our resorts. The tradition of sending alms (food and gifts) to the temples on the 10th day of each month, in memory of the founders of Barberyn, has been maintained since the mid 1990’s.

On the first of these occasions,the venerable monk Bibelé Nandasara, addressing the gathering of staff and overseas guests, said “To be in a place where the words of truth are heard so often, where alms are offered to the disciples of the Buddha, and to be in a tranquil surrounding such as this, you are truly fortunate human beings!”

Dhamma talks and meditation 

Experienced teachers explain Buddhist philosophy and conduct meditation classes, held once a week. Guests are free to practice at their leisure. Three main meditative approaches are offered:

Breathing-oriented meditation (such as Buddhist Satipatthanameditation), which helps to concentrate andopen a new perceptual channel in the mind.

Meditation that develops self awareness and consciousness (such as Buddhist Vipassana meditation).

Loving-kindness meditation (such as the Buddhistmetta meditation) which, as the name suggests, promotes kindness and compassion towards oneself and others.

These spiritual activities are integral to the Barberyn way of life.They create an environment where even the most “stressed out” guests feel the quiet energy of the place and begin to see that true contentment and happiness come from within.


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