The Dining Room

The dining room reflects the mood of the resort. Sri Lankan tradition requires the host to share the food of the house with the guests. The special management structure of the resort is most evident in the dining room, where the waiters work smoothly, without instruction from supervisors. The best of fresh ingredients and leaf vegetables from the resort’s gardens go into the preparation of the meals, and the service comes with quiet efficiency

Guests dine at "their” table each day in the large and airy dining room. It is full of laughter and chatter during meal times, a place where friendships are quickly formed. Single guests often join others - or maintain their solitude, just as they wish.

The dining room spills out onto the terrace for outdoor dining. A wide range of food is served for breakfast and at the lunch buffet. Dinner is a set vegetarian meal. Kitchen and dining room work closely together to see that the guests get the food that the doctors prescribe. Each table has an individual card with directions.

The waiters will gently remind you what Ayurvedic food you should - and should not - eat. An Ayurveda physician is on hand at meal times and can advise you which specific vegetables, herbs and spices to select - and which to avoid, according to the treatment prescribed by the consulting physician.

Breakfast and lunch are buffet-style. Dinner is a set meal, served at the table. Guests also get herbal drinks and soups specially prescribed by the physicians. The menu takes account of the dietary needs of all guests. Those on a “controlled diet” are asked to avoid certain dishes. All guests eagerly await the meals at Barberyn Reef Ayurveda resort as they quickly learn the advantage of Ayurveda food: healthy food can also be tasty food. Fresh vegetables and fruits are a special treat, including the fruit service at breakfast.

Sri Lankan delicacies such as the well known “hoppers” are served for Sri Lankan Night each week. 

Morning and afternoon tea and fruit juices are served at the dining room or poolside.

Sri Lankan traditional music is played several times a week at dinner time.

The Sunshine Restaurant

The little beach restaurant serves tea, light meals and fruit juices. It is a magical place to enjoy the aroma of fresh Sri Lankan tea, or enjoy a relaxing drink as the sun goes down over the horizon.


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