Change in Barberyn Webinar sequence

Please note that we have changed the sequencing of the last two webinars for May 2020 as follows;
Sunday 24 May: Cooking with the Barberyn Chefs. 
The webinar will be at Barberyn Reef, Beruwala and Manick will share his reflections on the innovative vegetarian cuisine at Barberyn. The Chefs will demonstrate three easy to make vegetarian dishes and the doctor will be at hand to explain the Ayurveda value of the vegetables we select and cooking and eating the Ayurveda way.
Sunday 31 May: Dina Chariya – Daily routine in Ayurveda with the Barberyn Physicians. 
The webinar will be at the Home of Barberyn’s Institute of Ayurveda and Alternative Medicine. The beautifully restored 100 year old house will be the backdrop where the Physicians will explain the routine – the Daily Routine, Seasonal Routine and the Code of Conduct which enables us to maintain a healthy way of life. They will also demonstrate an Ayurveda oil application which you can practice on your self or your loved ones.