Ayurvedic Food: 'Food for Life'

You will be surprised - Ayurvedic food is both healthy and delicious!

Ayurvedic foodIn Ayurvedic science diet is considered an important complementary part to medicine. A special diet consistent with the doctor's diagnosis and the recommended treatment is one of the core therapies in Ayurveda.

As a result, ayurveda food is taken very seriously at Barberyn Ayurveda resorts. But this doesn't mean a strict regime of bland, tasteless or bitter vegetarian dishes prescribed by physicians. On the contrary, our kitchen is one of our greatest assets and the dishes our cooks prepare will surprise and delight you every day of your stay.

At breakfast you'll find a buffet with fresh fruit, fruit juices, herbal soups, home-baked breads & cookies and a selection of Sri Lankan breakfast dishes. For lunch we offer a wide selection of mild fish, vegetable and herbal curries arranged in a beautiful buffet. In the evening we serve you a set vegetarian menu on an option with fish except on Saturdays when we have our Sri Lankan night with an extended buffet where chefs prepare typical local dishes in your presence.

In Ayurveda food and drinks are classified according to their taste - sweet, salty, pungent, bitter and astringent - and thus by their influence on the doshas (body energies). The goal is to represent all tastes in every meal, but with specific combinations recommended for each individual guest.

At Barberyn Ayurveda resorts you will find an Ayurvedic dortor or dietician at hand during meal times to advise you on the suitability of specific vegetables, herbs and spices and to help you select / avoid the dishes according to your prescribed treatment. Your herbal elixir and the instructions from the doctors at the health centre will be on your individual table.

This care and attention to diet is something unique to Barberyn Ayurveda resorts.

Ayurveda food Ayurveda food

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