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Silverkrist (The travel Magazine of Singapore Airlines), January 2009
here's to a soulful year


I was recommended two charming Sri Lankan seaside retreats, both owned by the family-run Barberyn Resorts, an award-winning pioneer of the ayurvedic retreat concept. I chose Barberyn Reef, a quaint resort near the rolling surf on the island's south-westen coast, close to the town of Beruwala.

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Easy Livingt September 2008
What's your Spa Prescription

As far as the ayurvedic approach goes, Barberyn in Sri Lanka is the real deal on-site doctors, hand-made treatments concocted from the centre's own herb garden, a strict ayurvedic diet, and days which start and finish with an hour-long yoga class.

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BBC Good Homes India Magazine
Good and Gorgeous

Amit Gaikwad and Seema Sreedharan

Pioneering Ayurveda tourism is Barberyn Ayurveda Resorts. Barberyn has two Ayurveda resorts along the southern coastline of Sri Lanka. One, Barberyn Reef Resort is at Beruwala, approximately 85 km from the Bandaranaike International Airport in Colombo; the other, Barberyn Beach Resort is located at Weligama, the southernmost tip of Sri Lanka, a five-hour drive from the airport.

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The UK Independent, 27 January 2007
An ayurvedic adventure
Christina Patterson

I thought the beauty of the place alone would heal me. The sister resort of Barberyn Reef, the first Ayurvedic resort in Sri Lanka, Barberyn Beach is set on a hillside overlooking a palm-fringed beach. The 15 acres of grounds have been beautifully landscaped, and the views in every direction are stunning. Sitting on the hillside by the pool, you can gaze out at the sea and at the stilt fishermen, perched on their spindly-looking sticks. From the moment I arrived, I was in heaven."

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Bangkok Post, 25 juni 2004 (nr. 18) Welligama Wellness Holiday
skribent Chami Jotisalikorn (utdrag frn artikeln)

Sport Hlsa , May 2006, writer: Eva Jacobson

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Spa World, Summer 2005
Overseas spas
(Extracts from article)

Spa in Sri Lanka and support its recovery

Sri Lanka's superb spa retreats are open for bussiness again following the devastation caused by last December's tsunami. And visitors to its idyllic spas will help support the country's recovery. Ulpotha and Barberyn resorts offer some of the finest native ayurvedic treatments, holistic massage, herbal steam baths and yoga on the 'Island of Serendipity' Visitors to Ulpotha - a beautiful lakeside hideaway in the rural heart of the country - will be directly supporting tsunami relief efforts through the cost of their stay. Guests staying at the Barberyn Beach and Barberyn Reef resorts will also be supporting its Sahana Foundation to tackle the poverty of local villagers and the Bodhi School Programme to improve affected school.

Longevity, July 2004
Karmic paradise
: writer Sue Derwent (Extracts from article)

A health hotspot with a difference, Barberyn Beach resort in Sri Lanka is home to the ancient practice of Ayurveda, advocating harmonious balance.

Back in 1968, long before Ayurveda started becoming popular in the west, MrSudano Rodrigo used his foresight and founded Barberyn reef resort, it was the first resort in Sri Lanka to provide authentic Ayurvedic healing holiday. And treatment to foreign guests. The Rodrigo family still runs the resort and recently opened the magnificent Barberyn beach resorts at Weligama, further south from the capital Colombo among the coastal Galle Road.

Places such as Barberyn have become increasingly popular just as Ayurveda and more holistic forms of medicine and health have gained credibility in the west. Ayurveda philosophy respect for human individuality and believe s that each persons health is made up of the harmonious interactions of the body, the mind and the living environment.

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Bangkok Post, 25 de Junio 2004 (edicion 18)
Welligama Wellness Holiday
: escritor Chami Jotisalikorn (Extractos del artículo)

On a spectacular beach in Sri Lanka an unusual healing resort offers more than a suntan. Chami Jotisilikorn reports on the amazing effects of an all-natural Ayurvedic holiday.

"This is my third time doing a detox holiday at Barberyn resorts, and what keeps me coming back, in addition to getting detoxed, is that I always meet interesting people on every visit."

The resort in Weligama is the second property in the resort group. The original property is located up the coast in Beruwala, 80 km from Colombo. It was founded 36 years ago by Sudana Roderigo at a time when healing resorts were virtually unheard of. Over the years Barberyn has built a strong reputation and a loyal following of return guests through word of month.

Authentic Ayurveda healing is the total integration of individual diagnosis, daily traditional treatments by trained professionals, the correct diet and proper medications. These provide a holistic life style that's best experienced in a dedicated environment. When this environment is a spectacular beach setting, it only helps to speed the total healing process.

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The asia Spa, maj/juni 2004 Serenity in Style Sri Lanka skribent Kate O'Brien (Utdrag frn artikeln)

From the moment you arrive, breathing in the aroma of fresh herbs, you feel the peace & calm flowing through yourself.

About 20 minutes drive south of Galle is the Barberyn Beach Ayurveda Resort in Weligama, a place to experience Ayurveda at tis best. It opened in February last year and is the sister of Barberyn Reef Ayurveda Resort in Beruwala, pioneer of the Ayurveda resort concept in Sri Lanka more than twenty years ago.

THE EDGE SINGAPORE , January 19, 2004
: writer Joan Koh (Extracts from article)

Joan Koh checks into a week-long ayurvedic retreat in Sri Lanka to discover new meaning to clean living

There's much to be said about celebrating the excesses of the season, and the penalties that must follow in order to keep your body in check. Thankfully, compensating doesn't necessarily have to be painful. With Christmas and New Year behind us, and 15 days of Chinese New Year feasting ahead, it's best to plan ahead to detox your system - and where better to do so than in Sri Lanka, as I found out.

I consider myself as living rather healthily. I've shunned red meat for seven years now and detox with a fruit-and-vegetable diet frequently. I exercise regularly and I know my aging body appreciates it, but a treat at Barberyn Reef Ayurveda Resort is something else.


Natural Health, October 2003 (Extracts from article)

Surinder Phull dips a well pampered toe in the tropical waters of a Sri Lankan Ayurveda retreat

Determined to find a destination where saluting the sun was not part of a military drill, I embarked on a tedious trawl through health websites and search engines. Finally I found what seemed like my dream destination, the Barberyn reef resort in Sri Lanka. This was a bit further than I had planned for a seven day trip but images of guests being submerged in herbal baths, tropical fruits and hot oil massages were simply too much to resists.

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