The Barberyn Beach Ecological Programme – an introduction

Sri Lanka’s best known landscape artist, Laki Senanayake, created the landscape of Barberyn Beach Ayurveda Resort. Laki was an associate of the legendary Geoffrey Bawa. He is seen as having influenced Bawa’s work on integrating the garden and living spaces.

Laki was involved with the garden at Barberyn Beach from the design of the resort. He helped to ensure that the resort is one with nature. Together with architect Turner Wickremasinghe, also a contemporary of Geoffrey Bawa, he laid the foundation of what has become a place of unique natural beauty. Laki visits Barberyn Beach periodically, to ensure that the natural quality is retained and there are no “contrived interventions”.

In the years since the opening of Barbering Beach in 2003, the gardens have matured, the tree canopies grown. We have entered a unique collaboration with the Ruhuna University, which is located close to the resort. The team from the Department of Botany has been hard at work with Barberyn staff to preserve the bio-diversity of the resort grounds.

We can now share with our guests the result of the work that was carried out in that project, including the herb trail and the bird watch, both activities in which our guests can participate.

We will soon have the results of our current project – pioneering work on a medicinal plant web site and data base, cataloguing the Ayurvedic plants used in all of the Ayurvedic traditions and the indigenous medicine system of Sri Lanka.