Experience the meeting of Chinese energy arts & Ayurveda

12 night retreat at Barberyn Sands, Sri Lanka

Dates: 20th Feb – 03rd March 2020

Place: Barberyn Sands Ayurveda Resort, Sri Lanka.

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This retreat offers a unique opportunity to experience the meeting of the Chinese energy art of Qi Gong and the tradition of Ayurveda, in a stunning location between sea and river.

Our daily practice of Qi Gong, nourished by deep breathing, alongside Ayurveda treatments will enable us to gradually reach a state of wellness, joy and inner peace, helping us to reconnect with our profound dimension and the conscious breathing of each cell. Shaped by Chinese sages for thousands of years, Qi Gong isn't just Chinese; it’s universal, in the sense that it is the expression of the memory of sacred breath, common to all humanity.

Qi Gong is the meeting of Daoist /Taoist and Buddhist traditions.


Rivka Crémisi teaches Qi Gong of Inner Verticality (Wu Ji Zhan Zhuang Qi Gong), Qi Gong of the Golden Thread, Eye Qi Gong and Tai Ji Quan (Wu style) in international locations since 1993.

She also teaches the symbolic meaning of Hebrew letters, the Kabbalah.

Her very personal journey enables her to build bridges between the body, energy and the letter. Her teaching style has its roots in the oral tradition. Breath, energy, sounds and resonance are at the heart of her work.

Rivka is French and the author of the book: “Splendeur des lettres, splendeur de l'être” (“Splendorous Letters, Splendorous Being” Body, Kabbalah and energetic medicine), published by Dangles.

Daily programme:

6.30am-7.30am QI GONG on the beach
7.30am-8.15am Breakfast
8.30am-1.00pm Two hours set aside for Ayurvedic treatments each day. Apart from herbal decoctions, the programme will include synchronised massages, herbal or steam bath and other therapies depending on your medical needs.
After the treatments – Free time for relaxing or walks on the beach
1.15pm-2.15pm Lunch
2.15pm-5.00pm Depending on the day: Ayurvedic lectures or short excursions to local places of interest.
5.15pm-6.15pm Qi Gong on the beach or meditation
7.00pm-8.30pm Dinner
8.30pm-9.00pm Chanting/Chanting mantras

Price for the retreat:

Single room : Euro 2,220

Double/twin occupancy : per person Euro 1820 ( TWN /DBL total Euro 3640)

QI GONG classes : 250€ (directly payable to Rivka Crémisi at Barberyn Sands)

Price Includes:
  • Daily QI GONG classes and meditation
  • 12 days of two hours daily Ayurvedic treatments (according to the individual Ayurvedic plan)
  • 12 nights of full board accommodation
  • Consultations with an Ayurveda doctor
  • Full board - buffet breakfast, lunch, &dinner, fresh juices & afternoon tea
  • Excursions, lectures and all other activities offered by the resort
  • Airport transfers
Does not include: flights, travel insurance and tips

Reservation inquiry: TO BOOK PLEASE CLICK HERE