Meditation on Loving Kindness with Geetha

This is the video of Geetha’s guided Loving Kindness meditation from Sunday, May 3rd, 2020 – the first Webinar in a series that will continue throughout May 2020, every Sunday, at 11am European Summer Time/10am UK.

Meditation on loving-kindness helps us to overcome emotions such as anger, fear, anxiety which we are all experiencing and which is said to lower immunity. Awakening the compassion within us results in protection for ourselves.

Understanding Loving Kindness Meditation. 

In meditation we seek to come to the present moment – to be “conscious”. In this meditation,  we focus on our breath, and it helps us to become still and calm.

Once we find our breath and focus on it for a little while, we turn our attention to Loving Kindness – it brings Peace and Strength to the giver and the receiver. We start by feeling kind to ourselves and then move on to our parents, our teachers, our close family, our friends, our enemies and then to the whole wold.  We then bring back all that good energy and loving kindness to ourselves again. You hear four lines being repeated starting with our selves.

May I be well
May I be healthy
May I be happy
May I be free of suffering.

May you enjoy the experience