Ayurveda and Meditation & Self Awareness

Helping to restore the natural balance of body and mind and increase self-awareness.

Spiritual practices have always been central to the way of life of the family who own and manage Barberyn Ayurveda Resorts.

We preserve traditional customs at the resort. Guests are free to participate if they wish.

The resort also organizes visits to temples, churches and mosques. Guests can borrow from the owners' collection of books and audio/ video materials on the profound aspects of life and a wide range of other subjects including self-knowledge.

Experienced teachers periodically conduct meditation sessions.

Three main meditative approaches are offered:

  • Breathing-oriented meditation (such as Buddhist Satipatthana meditation), which helps to concentrate andopen a new perceptual channel in the mind.

  • Meditation that develops self awareness and consciousness (such as Buddhist Vipassana meditation).

  • Loving-kindness meditation (such as the Buddhistmetta meditation) which, as the name suggests, promotes kindness and compassion towards oneself and others.

These spiritual activities are integral to the Barberyn Beach way of life. They create an environment in which even the most “stressed out” guests feel the quiet energy of the place and begin to see that true contentment and happiness come from within.

Of course, attendance is purely voluntary. These activities are provided for the benefit of interested guests. They can satisfy their intellectual curiosity as well as enhance their knowledge and experience.


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