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Gstkommentarer frn Barberyn

Det r bara ett par r sedan vi ppnade Barberyn Beach och det har skett mnga frndringar, trdgrden har vuxit upp och alla byggnader och utrymmen har blivit inbodda. Vi har gldjande tagit emot terkommande gster och vill dela med oss av en del av deras kommentarer:


2011 guest comments

Dear All,
Thanks for a wonderful time with excellent treatments, delicious food and last but not least for all the good feeling, the Barberyn people gave to me. Thanks for being your guest.
Hope to come back.

All the Best.

Ms. Jutta Landkotsch - Germany
20th January 2011

I came here to try Ayurveda and for resting from our stressed European life! I found both and it exceeded my expectations. All the staff is so nice and I love those kind faces in the massage room area, the room boys, the reception, everywhere around here. Thanks for making my stay unforgettable.

14th January 2011

To the team of Barberyn Beach, We have wonderful days in paradise. All services are best and sure we will come back.

S. Miller – Germnay
14th January 2011


2010 guest comments

I feel every aspect of Barberyn Beach outstanding. The care and attention to detail and the uni..? courtesy of the staff make this a happy place to visit. Thank you.

Nicholas Pearson – England

We had an absolutely wonderful time. This is a really special place. The attention to detail is wonderful. The treatments were excellent as were the rooms and food. Hope to be back soon.

Stephanie Kennedy-London UK
30th December 2010

After three wonderful rejuvenating weeks here we are sad to leave. The facilities and treatment are top notch. The food was delicious. The staff and management, without exception were friendly, courtier and efficient.
The Christmas eve buffet – Amazing.
Thank you – we’ll be back.

Haward Gleason - Mexico
26th December 2010

You are each and every one doing an excellent job here – your guests are welcomed into a warm, friendly, hospitable environment and leave with renewed faith in human goodness.

Thank you for such a beautiful, peaceful and relaxing time here at Barberyn.

Donna Monroe

The third time around has been as marvelous as before and I will thereafter surely be back for a forth time of “being in a tropical paradise” – Thank you for making me new all over again!

Peace & love

Stephanie Zeroual

Dear Staff, Doctors, Managers and Bath Queens,

We had a wonderful time at your resort. The Ayurvedic life style has amazed us and the hospitality was fantastic! The beach resort is so well designed and the rooms feel calm & relaxed!

Bless you all and you all are lucky to live on such a paradise island.

Stefanie & Anouk
Netherlands, Amsterdam

Third time here, improvements everywhere! I have learned a lot every year I have come and at home I try to maintain all these good insight and lessons towards for a healthy

body and mind.

The spirit of Barberyn is well worth the long trip and waiting for the next time to come!

Many thanks to all the contributions from the staff!

Marian Koren

Thank you very much for a nice staying in your hotel, friendly and warm assistance and cosy atmosphere. It was a great experience both being in Sri Lanka and introduction to Ayurveda. Most of all I enjoyed Oil Massage.

Thanks again.

Tatjana Orlova

Dear Barberyn-Team,

Thank you so much for the wonderful time we could spend here! Especially the messages and the yoga retreat are so relaxing that will come back for more. Thanks again for giving Ayurveda practice and showing the meditation.

All the best for the future!

I will keep in mind

Lisa Freddy

Barberyn Beach has impressed me with its high standard of service, friendly staff, professional treatments and unique location. I wish its owners, management and staff all the best and god’s blessings.

Peter Gisell
13-01-2010 To 15-01-2010

What a wonderful time, but too short. Great resort, great people. I’ll come back, I promise.

Thanks for everything

Munich, Germany

Just finished a one-week retreat. Too short… We will definitely come back for a two week stay. Nevertheless, a beautiful setting, nutritious & healthy food, fantastic staff & treatments that are time proven have done wonders to our body, brain & spirit. We’re walking out of here light, happy, healthy & relaxed. Everyone should do this.

Thanks for a brilliant experience


On New Year eve, you have decided me to be the King of Barberyn. It was for me one of the most unforgettable holiday ever! From the very first day, I felt like a part of a big family and I really enjoyed being the “Patient”!

Thank you so much for the three weeks of harmony.

Happiness and love!

Will come back!

Lubomir Kulisev
(Barberyn King – 2009)
21-12-2009 To 11-01-2010

Being here comes close to paradise! May all the joy, health and happiness that Barberyn gave me come back to each and every person here.

Thank you very much – it was again wonderful!

Tina Klingelhofer
(Barberyn Queen –2008 and 2009)
22-12-2009 To 10-01-2010

2009 guest comments

Thank you for this very special time. The kindness & warmth of all the people in the hotel is amazing! Hope to come back next year & this is really like a part of paradise!
Thank you to all of you! Hope to see you soon!
Lovely greetings

Anja Mayer – Germany
02-07-2009 To 28-07-2009

The dedication and friendliness of your staff made for a very pleasant stay with you.
Many thanks

Earnest Gunther – Spain
Susan Gunther – South Africa

23-07-2009 To 05-08-2009

I really enjoyed my staying here! What a wonderful atmosphere and very helpful people. I must say wonderful! And besides a fantastic Treatment.
Thank you all!

Schmidth Ute

23-07-2009 To 08-08-2009

Thank you for your kindness and all the treatments and the good way of Buddhist Way of Life!

Ulrike Schaper
25-07-2009 To 07-08-2009

Thank you for our overjoyed stay at your Resort. It was our experience that exceeded all expectations. My health is 100% better since staying here which it has not been this good as for as I can remember. The Beach Hotel is almost in a lifetime experience.

Karina Joseph
19-07-2009 To 08-08-2009

Stay here and you will go home with a new body and mind truly holistic. The staffs are amazing too!

Jenny Monteith

19-07-2009 To 08-08-2009

I had a great time. This is a wonderful place with wonderful people and an especially good treatment.
Thank you very much!

Ernst Eveline

07-08-2009 To 21-08-2009

Our 5th, yes!! 5th visit to Weligama Barberyn Beach resort & we love it!! Very friendly service, professional attitude & excellent service throughout – what more can we ask for!!
I am the Ambassador for this place!!! I hope your stay was an enjoyable as ours!!

Steve, Janti & Sheila
Istanbul, Turkey


This was our first visit here in Barberyn Beach, and also in Sri Lanka. We would like to say “Thank you” for this excellent service, the calm atmosphere and for the nice food.
Best regards

Laura & Domminik

09-08-2009 To 22-08-2009

Thank you to everyone here! My stay has meant a lot to me, and I leave here feeling more relaxed and hopeful than I’ve done in years! All the staffs are incredibly hospitable making my stay here feel luxurious! I want to send ALL my friends and family here – everyone should experience this amazing place!

Selena Markson
10-08-2009 To 24-08-2009

Thank you for the great, relaxing and peaceful stay! This place is a really special one and it is easy to forget about the worries and the rest of the world! The treatment did a really good healing to my body, mind and soul!
Thanks to everybody who made this possible!

Dagmer Vogt

31-12-2009 To 22-01-2010

We have enjoyed a lot! Everything is beautiful & perfect. And the people working here are sweet and so cheerful.

The experience we had is very special and the work is excellent! We have learned a lot of things and keep our health and good mind.
Thank you very much! We come again!

Holotropic Network (23 People)

A very special date today but, sad that I am leaving the Barberyn. The standards are as high if not even better than my last visit 4 ½ years ago.

This really is a place for the healing of mind, body and spirit. Everyone of the staff goes about their work with mindful awareness. The Ayurvedic treatment was also first class and I will be returning next year.
Best wishes and many thanks

Rosemarie Sellers - UK
18-08-2009 To 09-09-2009

I have had a great time here at Barberyn and look forward to returning sometime soon. The attention to detail of everything from the rooms to the service is brilliant. I’ll miss this paradise.

Ragini Prasad - Australia
26-08-2009 To 17-09-2009

In beautiful nature and such a smiling hospitality staffs, I had really great moment. After coming back to home, I would like to maintain such a relaxed myself.
Thank you

Miho Sugimoto - Japan
05-09-2009 To 17-09-2009


We came here in 15 persons group. And we had wonderful time!! All the members are very satisfied with Barberyn.

Group Leader -Sep 2009

We had great time here, my husband and I leave more relaxed and a little lighter than when we arrived. This place with the friendly and accommodating staff was wonderful. Great facilities!! You will see us back again, hopefully with more people.

Leon Noseworthy &
Bobbi Benson – Doha

18-09-2009 To 25-09-2009

I enjoyed the time here in “little paradise”. Had good treatments, good food, staff was looking after me lovely and I met nice people.
Thank you for a lovely time, I will come back!

Karin Caflisch Widler - Switzerland
20-09-2009 To 02-10-2009

This is a place like a beautiful flower. Enjoyed very much the

The wisdom of life - It is here ………
Divine nature - It is here ………
Loving care - It is here ………
Thank you
Love & joy

Isani Leela – Germany
07-10-2009 To 23-10-2009

thank you so much to everyone at Barberyn for making my stay such a relaxing and enjoyable experience – you all are doing a wonderful job and so quietly, kindly and graciously. I hope I can return again one day.

Sara Lindsay
19-10-2009 To 26-10-2009

I landed here almost per chance, a recommendation. Had no ideas about Ayurveda and let me handle like a baby. For sure this is part of the therapy! Thanks to the Doctors, all the personnel of the Ayurveda Centre and of the Resort for a smooth and gentle service. I am going with clear head and full of energy, and good thoughts about making Yoga every morning!

Guillemette Moreau - Germany
14-10-2009 To 28-10-2009

Thanks for another perfect stay – it is impossible to describe how good this place is for your very soul (and of course, body)!
Many, many thanks

Samina Bharmal – UK
25-10-2009 To 01-11-2009

Thanks to all the staff at Barberyn for a perfect 3rd stay. I’m already looking forward to my next visit.
Best wishes,

Emma French-Muller
05-12-2009 To 12-12-2009

Another wonderful stay at Barberyn. Don’t want to go home, but feel like a new person – thank you to all the staff. I look forward to coming back again next year.
Best wishes,

Ann Hearn
24-10-2009 To 03-11-2009

Thanks! The best Ayurveda Resort I’ve ever been!
Thanks a lot! Best wishes

Peter Claus


Thank you for reducing my blood pressure, for a fantastic experience of an ancient treatment system, for the opportunity to live in such a beautiful setting for a while, and for the helpfulness, charm and efficiency of all the staff at Barberyn.

Diana Lodge
24-10-2009 To 07-11-2009

It was a great pleasure staying at Barberyn Beach Resort. We felt like in a second home and we loved the peaceful & relaxing atmosphere. Thanks a lot for that. We will come back soon! Looking forward to stay here again!
Thanks for giving us freedom, mindfulness, health


Once again I had a very pleasant and relaxing stay with you. Everyone has been very kind and friendly. Will be coming again…. I’m addicted!

Martin Hofbauer
23-10-2009 To 10-11-2009

I will always treasure my stay at the Barberyn Beach Resort. It was wonderful days especially because of the great kindness and attention of the staff.
Thank you very much!

Eva Jung - Germany

29-10-2009 To 13-11-2009

A totally new experience for me and my wife but it has been a wonderful week. Thanks to all the dedicated people that worked in the resort. A new world opened for us and I am sure that we will live this “way of life” once we get back home.

Once again thanks and hopefully will return to this beautiful place in on of the coming years once more!

Josp & Taveira - Netherland

08-11-2009 To 13-11-2009

Thank you very much for building such a quiet and powerful place! “ALL” the staff is so friendly, competent and helpful! It was a big benefit for my body and soul to be here and I surely come back!

Birgit Beutler
23-10-2009 To 21-11-2009

Dear All,
Thank you so much for the wonderful time you made me at the Barberyn Beach Resort! Treatments, service, friendly nice people, everything was perfect. So I really look forward to come again!

Susanne Rohrschnfider - Germany
09-11-2009 To 22-11-2009

Dear Barberyn Beach Resort Team!
Since 20 years we are traveling as Adventures, Journalists, Film Producers and Authors on our mother earth. Innumerable kilometers and over 80 countries lie behind us. As one of the most well-known couple of adventurers of Germany, many people ask us again and again, where and how we make vacation? How and where do we land ourselves and get fit for a new extreme journey? Rarely could we refuel as much positive energy as during the Ayurveda in the BARBERYN AYURVEDA BEACH RESORT in Sri Lanka. In this resort simply everything is correct. However that is not everything. The management provides for a holistic support. So the visitor can pull himself back into the marvelous, generous and in beautiful furnished rooms with sea view, or take a walk through the fantastically pretty and maintained garden of the resort. Also the courses lead itself into the first-class welfare service; Yoga, Thai chi, cooking classes, meditation and much more beside is offered. Trips give the guests the possibility to discover Sri Lanka. Holistic recognition, lasting recovery, regained life, power and confidence, paradise on earth, Garden Eden, and island of peace and harmony, that are only some definitions for BARBERYN AYURVEDA BEACH RESORT.

Denis Katzer & Tanja Katzer
Nov/Dec 2009

Dear Barberyn Beach Team,
Thanks for everything. It was a great time. We are very sure that we will come back and it is our pleasure to recommend the place.
Warm regards

Renate & Roman

Dear Barberyn Beach,

Once more I wish to thank you for the beneficial treatments, the kind attention and perfect holiday. My friends and I are going to return next year.

Sue Mikolanis

Thank you for your nice and wonderful treatments and days. I hope I’ll come back soon. I think your staff is so nice rather than any other retreat.

Yamasaki Sachiko

Thank you very much for all your support and kindness that you all the Barberyn staff showed me during my stay. I could really return and had a wonderful time. Once again thank you very much! I will definitely come back here again.

Ms. Michie Kusakari

As always thank you! This place always feels like home and it’s only been my second time! 10 hours of jet lag and 24 hours of travelling is all worth it for the calmness at this place. Oh and the stunning birds that sing so sweetly everyday.

Ms. Gulshan Jaffery

With all my heart, I just experienced 7 days in a heaven on earth!

Thank you so much!

I felt like I was in heaven – the staff angels watching over me, attending to my every need! I feel like a different person to the one that arrived. Thank you all for a wonderful restful holiday.

Ms. Ania Szczepanik

Thank you Barberyn for a wonderful stay (again!). The staff at Barberyn are the most friendly, genuinely caring and professional group of people that I have come across in my travels and I say a big ‘Thank You’ to all. I have no doubt I will be returning again soon for a 3 rd time.

Ms. Emma French Millen

A big thank you to all the staff at Barberyn for a wonderful week. The friendliness and ready smiles really reflect the hospitality and gentle nature of the Sri Lankan people. The whole experience has made me feel a million times better and ready to face the world again. I will definitely be back again.

Miss. Ann Hearn

I have had the most pleasant ten days here with my 3 friends. We are so happy with every aspect of our stay and we are convinced that there is magic here. Every time we needed something, it was like the staff could read our minds and were always one step ahead.

Thanks for everything.

Until next time –

Petursdottir Hjordis

Einarsdottir Lilja

Erla Dogg

Suerrisdottir Sigurl

Thank you to all the staff for a perfect honeymoon. You were all so nice to us, we had a very healthy special time that we will always remember.

Congratulations J

A special thanks to Mrs. Mily, the spirit of this resort.

Merry Christmas and very Happy New Year 2009!

God bless you !

Jose Mari Luzarraga

Bartschi De Luzarraga

Heaven sent… truly.

From the moment I arrived I just dissolved into Barberyn Beach. They have taught me how to smile once again.. wonderful people.

Great food and treatments.

God bless you!

Micheal Bromley

What is one to do with out control diet – left to ones own devise could lead to complete disaster… thank you because I feel great and thank you because I truly do not want to leave.. I had a very enjoyable time!

Roddick Samantha

We have both stopped smoking at the same time as loosing weight. You don’t hear that often. Many thanks!

James Ostrer

Dear everyone,

I was so worried about coming somewhere so far away and for so very long! Now the 7 weeks are over! And I say goodbye until September when I return. Your excellent quiet service, helping when I was so much in pain, and treatments, were all part of an amazing journey with you. Of course there were ups + downs, but when I think of the whole visit I’m extremely grateful for all of it. Good + bad, happy and sad, all thoughts vanish like a bird in the sky. My sincere thanks.

Dorothy Gunne

Dear Everyone at Barberyn

Thank you so very much for making me so welcome and comfortable here. I’ve really enjoyed the treatments and the treatment all of you staff have shown towards their guests! The rooms are beautiful. Highlights for me were the trip to cinnamon island and Yoga each morning, and also the food. Id love to come back some time Thank you and best wishes

Mrs. Amy Wright,


2008 guest comments

The atmosphere captured me from the beginning. Every staff member seems to be aware of doing something important - with all their heart. Wonderful landscape…

What else do you need to relax?

Mrs. Diana Mintzer (Germany)

A wonderful stay at Barberyn Beach Resort – from the moment we were met at the airport with a bottle of water & a head rest, then a beautiful lei of frangipani & a glass of fresh orange juice at the resort. All this thoughtfulness continued throughout my stay – thank you.

Ms Lorraine Nepstad, (England)

Thank you very much for a total new experience from recovering again. It is good to know where a place like Barberyn Resort is, so you can feel like at home. A very thoughtful place with peace and great people looking after you.

I hope to come back soon.

Ms Charvat Alma Schmid (Spain)

Thank you Barberyn for a wonderful stay (again!). The staff at Barberyn are the most friendly, genuinely caring and professional group of people that I have come across in my travels and, say a big ‘’Thank you’’ to all. I have no doubt I will be returning again soon for a 3rd time.

Ms Emma French – Millen (Bahrein)

A big thank you to all the staff at Barberyn for a wonderful week. The friendliness and ready smiles really reflect the hospitality and gentle nature of the Sri Lankan people. The whole experience has made me feel a million times better and ready to face the world again. I will definitely be back again.

Ann Hearn (Cyprus)

I arrived with little conception of Ayurvedic treatment. Since arriving I have completely got rid of my psoriasis, for the first in six years. I am ecstatic. I have found every single member of staff to be friendly and professional. After 2 months here, I am sad 2 return to Britain. I have already started to plan my next visit. Thank you very much to all who made my stay a life changing experience.

God Bless!

Ms Helen Gore (England)

My beloved and good friend Mily,

With great affection always remembering my stay in your Ayurveda Center, that for me, is the best one than ever I have found in my many trips by Asia and of course the most amiable people and the most affectionate services with an individual care. It is a true delight, and I always have you all in the best of my memory. You are a fabulous person and a great professional;

I admire and I appreciate very much what you all are doing and offering to us.

Since I have traveled twenty times to Sri Lanka, a country that deeply I like and because of that, I have written two guides of tourism and several books, in addition I have many works published on the Teachings of Buddha and Meditation.

For me, Sri Lanka has everything and specially the formidable and unforgettable Barberyn Ayurveda Resorts is there, where I have passed some of the most tempting and calm days of my life, with your exquisite and purifying meals, it is a place of dream, the care of great specialists of Ayurveda and magnificent treatments and massages that were given to us. For that reason, Dear Mily, since I returned to my country (
Spain), I have tried to promote your center of Ayurveda, I have recommended it to my friends, students and people in general. I have spoken of Barberyn in several programs of radio and have written in three magazines specialized in the subjects of Spiritual, Ecology and Nature, Yoga and Meditation, as well as in news.

Three years ago, I was in Sri Lanka in the hotel Club Oceanic at Trincomalee, and there was the chief Director of Tourism filming, he asked me to speak of my impressions on Sri Lanka, so I did it for the television, saying how much I love this beautiful country, with innumerable works of arts and hospitality people.

For me it was a fortune to know Barberyn and your Ayurveda Center, as soon as I arrived I feel at home and soon I remained very renewed and full of health in that peacefully atmosphere.

BarberynBeach Ayurveda Resort you can recommend to everybody and people of all ages. Also it was a great fortune to meet the owner

Mr. Rodrigo - amiable and special person, also your husband and family.

All this was a memorable experience and I am looking forward to return to
BarberynBeach to greet the doctors the efficient and warm workers and more of all to go trough the authentic Ayurveda treatments.

Please receives my personal consideration, my affection and support in promoting your country and Barberyn Ayurveda Resorts,

Your Spanish friend,


Barberyn is a small paradise on earth with very friendly staff – like a small family We had a nice time and hope to see you all soon

Mrs. S Jogren, Sweden

Two wonderful weeks, healthy, relaxing, I leave feeling very good. Hopefully I will come back. I will recommend the resort to my friends in Switzerland. The staff is very king and polite. Everybody does his job – I felt very good and cared for. Many Thanks.

Mrs. Gabriel Looser, Switzerland


2007 guest comments

A true piece of heaven on earth….

This has been a wonderful experience, not just because of the treatments, but because of the care, respect and attention to detail shown by every single one of the staff.

This is an outstanding resort, and you should be very proud of yourselves.


Ms. Samina Bharmal
Nottingham, UK

Absolutely lovely time. Loved the place and friendly staff everywhere!

Would love to come back soon. Next time 2 weeks!


We enjoyed your hospitality, the excellent service, the professional very good Ayurvedic treatments, and the friendly and warm atmosphere.

Here is the right place for relaxation. A lovely paradise and we are very lucky about our stay here.

We will be sure to come back next year.

Thank you very much!

With warm regards,

Mr. Pohla Heike
Mrs. Gerlinde Schwarzwse

We had a wonderful, peaceful, healing time at Barberyn Resort. It was our first time in Sri Lanka we discovered heaven! Thank you all for making our stay a memorable one. Dr.Pushpa and her staff are amazing people. God Bless them all. This is a very special and spiritual place.

Mrs.Fereshten Saghafi
Mr.Babak Torkian


These three weeks passed very quickly…

It was a nice adventure in a lot of points. I found time to think about my life and so many things. What a beautiful place you created with very, very friendly staff! It is very special in a beautiful country. Thanks to the health centre for the perfect skin treatments & delicious food in restaurant & the nice tours. I’m gonna miss it.

“I –stutee”

Ms. Tschudi Anja

Again it was a peaceful and great experience to stay at your resort. I love it.

The best for you all!

Mrs.Rittweiler Karin

We wish to thank everybody at Barberyn Resort for being so kind, generous and thoughtful by giving us a wonderful and very special holiday in Sri Lanka. We love the food, the beautiful scenery but especially the people.

God bless you all!

Ms.Trang Quan
Ms.Adeela Sharif

Dear Barberyn Management /Staff,

It’s been another pleasant stay here at Barberyn, and I am happy to be back for tendering treatments. Hopefully I will be back for longer stay near future,

Thanks very much for making this time of stay so precious till soon.

Ms. Kayoko Otani

An oasis in a stressful world. I’ve so enjoyed everything and had a wonderful rest. Thank you to every department for combining to give a peaceful + living experience.

Mrs.Elwin Josephing.

A wonderful place-completely nurturing atmosphere, incredible treatments, food nice and beauty.

I wish I may stay for longer.

Many thanks and all best wishes for the future!

Ms.Anna Price

What should we say? We are so relaxed after only two weeks that we almost forget what our names are..

We love the staff, the treatments, the excellent food and the surroundings. You really created a peaceful environment where the holyday starts on day 1 and we wished it would never end.

Keep on live this!


Ms.Depser birgit.
Ms. Wendorff Sabrina.


I am here now for the 3rd time and it’s very good!!! The services, the relaxing environment and the treatments. Thanks for everything.

Mrs. Baltus Marion


2006 guest comments

My first experience with Ayurvedic treatment, Gave me an excellent impression and I like to come back to this wonderful place with lovely people. Everybody did an extraordinary job and relaxing was easy. Also the meals were amazing and delicious! Thank you all for this perfect holiday.

Mrs.Stucki Judith

Dear Barberyn team

You have a beautiful place here!

We enjoyed our 2 weeks stay here very much- and may be we’ll come back someday you’ll never Know… Thanks for hospitality, politeness and kindness all of you provided us with.
We will definitely recommend this place to our “stressed” friends back in

God bless you all- and take care!

Mr.Pfister Holger
Ms.Cary Buraty

Dear barberyn team,

It was the first time here in
BarberynBeach Resort – but it won’t be the last! I came here with heavy skin problems and you were “my last piece of hope”. I had two wonderful weeks here of relaxing, healing and enjoying. And the most important think for me; my skin became so much better!!

I wish you all the best and thanks again!!

Mrs. Bauer Claudia


2005 guest comments

"Thanks for some wonderful 12 days in this beautiful hotel! Great treatments and lovely staff in a beautiful setting - I will do my best to promote this property in Scandinavia! All the best and God bless all at Barberyn,"

Suzanne Bjoerkland, (Sweden)


2004 guest comments

"It was the first time I tried Ayurveda but it won't be the last! It is so relaxing! The resort is wonderful indeed and very well organised. ALL of the staff were very friendly and professional. Thanks a lot to everybody and I will absolutely come back again!"

Carlo (Milano, Italy)

"The hotel is not only beautiful in its setting, bud also the people! I will never forget the friendliness, your smiles and how at home I felt here. May you all be happy and healthy for a long time! Ayubowan,"

Regina Mirvis


2003 guest comments

“What a wonderful place. I arrived feeling very stressful and I leave feeling so relaxed. A beautiful setting produces the backdrop to this exquisite paradise. A note without mentioning the superb hospitality of all the staff here would be remiss. Thank you so much for a wonderful time. "

Mrs. Clare Kinsella

"This is the most wonderful place. The most wonderful hotel. I have had a truly great holiday. I came here taking very large amounts of pain killers which I now no longer need to take. A success! It is the best holiday I have ever had because it has given me back my health. I hope the benefits will last for many years to come. "

Yvonne Savage
Edinburgh, Scotland

Thank you all for a wonderful stay. My mother and I had a fabulous time and feel refreshed and healthy, ready for spring in the UK ( lets hope it’s sunny back home after such glorious weather )

We didn’t know what to expect, especially as we booked the holiday 2 days before departure, but it exceeded all our expectations. The daily massages and acupuncture were heavenly and Shirodara was quite an experience.

The food was highly remarkable, delicious in all respects and having our friendly doctor available at all real times ensured we were able to get an answer to all our questions about what to eat and what it would do to us.

We look forward to our return visit ( with friends + family too )

Galla & Lohta

Barberyn Resort is possibly one of the best places we have visited and enjoyed. We came wrecks and left different people. The staff and Ayurvedic health centre were absolutely wonderful and we look forward to seeing them all again. Thank you. Thank you. We will recommend this special place o all our friends.

Warrant Do Preez

After spending 3 weeks at Barberyn Reef, I don’t have enough words to express my gratitude for wonderful treatment as a client and a human being. I’ve been traveling a lot all over the continents, but this place takes a prize. I’m surely going to recommend it to everyone in Sweden.

My best wishes to Barberyn Resorts.

Josep Jeiell

After a long journey and many travels to exotic and beautiful places, I found something very special. Inside a felt like a piece of flotsam and jetsum washed up on the beach after the storm. This inner turned has been calmed and re-focused because of the nurturing and nourishment to all the parts of any being. Even the parts that resisted and held on to the old habits. There is so much kindness, honesty and integrity in the very foundation of this place. All who work here are so generous in their giving. So much to thank you all from a grateful and rested traveler.

This place, the people, the atmosphere of warmth & loving care that I have experienced will long stay in my memory. This tired body & restless mind has been refreshed revitalized steady to carry me through all the rest of my journey. Thank you & peace to you all..

Love from Yaruck Ohgauo ( UK )

To all members of the staff,

You make this place the most peaceful one that I have ever seen! The harmony is so complete that sometimes you imagine staying in heaven. I got back my health and wealth and I leave with a golden shine in my heart. Mind and body are in balance and I hope to take with me the peaceful spirit I found here.

Thank you once more and I hope you will continue to keep all the qualities you have here.

Mrs. Spanihel Siglinde

My dear staff of BarberynBeach Resort, The harmony and peacefulness you create here helps me for the second time to sort things out in life, to take important decisions and to have the courage to do the according steps. Barberyn is the BIRTH PLACE of my new life.
I feel privileged to be able to come here and very grateful to get your loving support.
I will come back!
I wish you happiness and love!

Yours sincerely

Gabriela Gattiker


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