Sunday Webinar Program for August


We are happy to let you know that we will continue the Barberyn webinars in the month of August.

The webinars will continue each Sunday at 11:00 AM European Summer Time/ 10:00 AM UKclick here to join

The lineup of webinars in August is as follows:

Sunday 2 August : Mindfulness practice with Geetha at Barberyn Reef

Sunday 9 August : Ayurveda and Forest Medicine with Dr Pushpa

Sunday 16 August : Harmony in body and mind: Yoga with Amesh

Sunday 23 August : Cooking with Manick and the Barberyn Chefs

Sunday 30 August : Everything begins in the Forest – New Dimensions in

well-being, at Diyabubula, Barberyns Jungle and Art Hideaway.

The first webinar for August will be this Sunday at 11:00 AM European Summer Time/ 10:00 AM UK about mindfulness practice. The practice of Mindfulness is known to help in resolving common human problems such as stress, anxiety and depression. and help in personality development. These are however fringe benefits in the practice. Mindfulness is, in fact, a spiritual journey that focuses on the deep interconnection between the body and the mind. Mindfulness leads to awareness and this leads to insight – a profound level of understanding that is beyond intellect and can only be known through experience.

Geetha will lead the first webinar and will explain this philosophy in a simple and practical way.

We look forward to practice with you.

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