Webinar Video: Ayurveda Cooking Demonstration

The Ayurveda medicine that we drink (Decoctions, powders and pills and sweet elixirs) are plant-based. Individually and in combination these plants have unique properties that help in preventing and curing disease. Ayurveda food is also plant-based. And each of these plants and their combinations have medicinal values. This is why we hear from the physicians that “we are what we eat” or more precisely “we are what we digest” When the food is fresh, cooked with compatible ingredients and prepared in accordance with the principles of Ayurveda, food becomes medicine. Medicine becomes food and nourishment.

In this webinar, we share with you some of the dishes you have come to love at Barberyn Kurakkan Roti, Lunumiris, and rice flour pudding. They are easy to make, nourishing, wholesome and tasty. Try making them and you will taste your reward.

The Barberyn webinar team