Our latest resort is small, homey and perfect for beach lovers - just 25 completely renovated rooms on a peninsula between the Bentota river and the Indian ocean, with all the authentic Ayurveda only Barberyn can offer.

Open since December 2017 - inquire now!


Barberyn Sands is located on a peninsula between the Bentota River and the Indian Ocean, just opposite the town of Bentota, a drive of approximately 100 km from Colombo International Airport. It opened in December 2017.


Barberyn Sands with its tropical garden offers mainly low rise Cabanas (two rooms in each cabana), a few River Front Rooms and a string of Garden Rooms.

Each room has a double bed, attached toilet, mosquito nets, standing fans, telephone and a patio with a table and chairs; some rooms have air conditioning, which is optional. A few twin rooms are available.

Just having 25 rooms gives the place a casual, intimate and homely ambience, where guests can feel like one big family.

Ayurveda Medical Centre

Resident doctors, experienced therapists and medicine makers provide the Barberyn standard of Ayurveda, as it has been practiced for over 30 years at the other Barberyn resorts.

For more on our Ayurveda treatment, please visit our main Ayurveda page or watch our video on Ayurveda treatment.

Fresh herbal decoctions are produced on site, the Ayurveda medicine and oils are supplied by the Barberyn Institute of Ayurveda and Alternative Medicine (IAAM). You can also watch our video on medicine making.

Food and dining

Ayurvedic food is both healthy and delicious. The Ayurveda diet plays an important complementary role in the healing process, so the consulting physician will recommend a specific diet for each guest. A physician will be present at the dining room during meal times to guide the guests to select the right food depending on their treatment plan.  

Barberyn’s cuisine is one of our greatest assets - the dishes from our chefs will surprise and delight you every day of your stay. We serve fresh vegetables, fruit, grains, dairy and fish.

We do not serve meat or alcohol.

Food is considered Prana (life sustaining energy) for human beings. We advise you to eat every meal consciously, experiencing aroma, taste and its pleasant warmth.

Yoga and spiritual activity

In South Asia, Yoga has been recognized and practiced for thousands of years as a powerful complement to Ayurvedic medicine and healing. Ayurveda and Yoga come from the same philosophical matrix. They examine the body/mind concept from the perspective of maintenance of health and treatment of diseases. At Barberyn, we practice classical Hatha Yoga with Pranayama, in the Sivananda tradition.

Yoga sessions are conducted from Monday to Saturday at 6.30 am. They include meditation, Sun Salutation and Asana practice. .

Spiritual activities are integral to the Barberyn way of life - and to the Ayurveda treatment. They create an environment where even the most stressed out guests feel the quiet energy of the place and begin to see that true contentment and happiness comes from within.

Facilities, surrounds and activities

Nestled between the river and the ocean, with its lush green surrounds and idyllic holiday feel, Barberyn Sands is a unique place to enjoy signature Barberyn Ayurveda. Our facilities include:

Our facilities include:

  • Ayurveda Medical Centre

  • Dining room serving breakfast, lunch and dinner

  • Reception area

  • Swimming pool and pool side terrace where we serve fresh juice in the morning and tea in the afternoon.

  • The oriental shop (coming soon)

  • The Shrine room

  • Wi-Fi Internet Service

  • Laundry

  • Foreign currency exchange

Activities in the resort:
  • Food demonstrations

  • Ayurveda lectures

  • Cultural evenings


The destination

Bentota Town is a vibrant coastal town, a popular tourist destination. It offers a post office, banks, a tourist office, a government handicraft shop, and a teashop. There’s a “bazaar” (a place where locals shop) and an open “wet market”, where one can buy fruit or vegetables. Bentota Town is just a short walk or ferry ride away.


Barberyn also arranges short excursions to places of interests in the vicinity on most afternoons of the week. These excursions are free of charge to resident guests.

The Galapota Temple, a few kilometres inland, on the south bank of the river, said to date from the 12th Century.

Warakagoda Temple, a small cave temple, and you can see tea and rubber plantations as well as village hamlets en route. The tour includes a visit to a nearby “tourist village” where you can see traditional crafts being produced.

Bawa’s Brief Garden, ten kilometers inland from Bentota. It used to be the home of Bevis Bawa, the older brother of internationally renowned Sri Lankan architect Geoffrey Bawa. His house is the highlight of the tour: the artwork on display is eclectic, including a piece from one-time house guest Donald Friend. Entry is Rs.1,000. The garden is open from 8am to 5pm daily.

Gangatilaka Vihara
, South of the Kalu Gaga Bridge, on the main road. It is a hollow dagoba (Buddhist Shrine) with an interestingly painted interior.

The Kechimalai Mosque, said to be built on the site of the landing of the first Arabic merchants. It is the focus of a major festival at the end of Ramadan.

The Turtle Sanctuary at Induruwa

River cruises: meander along the Bentota river in a motor boat, and enjoy the clear expanses of water and the gentle passage through low hanging foliage.

Galle Fortress town

The port of Galle, a key city in the South of Srilanka and a World Heritage Site, is thought by some to be the Biblical city of Tarshish. Galle splendidly illustrates the Dutch presence in Sri Lanka. The 36-hectare (89 acre) Dutch Fort, built in 1663, has withstood the ravages of time. Its massive ramparts surround the promontory that forms the older part of Galle, and shelters within its walls sturdy Dutch houses, museums and churches. This area has a relaxed atmosphere and a quiet buzz that seems almost detached from the flow of history. On the way, we stop at the Ambalangoda mask making factory.

Wet market

Visit the wet market in a three-wheeler, and watch people buying vegetables, fruits and daily ware. Browse around and get a feel for the locality and the people.

Room & Treatment Prices

Rates 2018/2019 (all prices are in Euro)


Single (Euro)

Double (Euro)

Beach Front Room 130.00 170.00
Garden Room 120.00 160.00
Standard Room 90.00 130.00

Note: Air conditioning is available in some rooms and the supplement is Euro 20.00 a day

Ayurveda treatment per person per day: 85 Euro

Ayurveda treatment is mandatory for all guests, for the entire period of the stay.

All rates are inclusive of service charges and government taxes.
  • Daily room rates are also inclusive of housekeeping charges
  • A 24 hour front desk is available for our guests
The price of the room rate and the Ayurveda treatment charge cover the following:
  • Full board accommodation - breakfast, lunch and dinner, morning and afternoon tea/or fruit juice.
  • Initial Ayurveda consultation with physician, all subsequent consultations during the stay
  • Ayurveda treatments & medicine as prescribed by the physician. This includes oral herbal medicine and all therapies as prescribed by the physician according to your medical requirements
  • Airport transfers to and from Barberyn Sands are a free service we provide our resident guests.
  • Yoga
  • Lectures
  • Food demonstrations
  • Short excursions
  • Culture/music programs


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