Barberyn Webinar Video: Cooking Demonstration

Manick – How to Cook Healthy & Tasty Food

  • We have come to this point of culinary development from a diet of mainly raw leaves.
  • In the early times we adopted a simple style of cooking which was boiling all the ingredients together and this still remains with the Soup which is also a basic dish in the west.
  • Bringing the food to a boiling point and simmering on low heat is the basis of Sri Lanka cuisine and the curry, as with the soup. Coconut milk and the spices add flavor and nutrition to the Curry.
  • Rice also follows this same method. People are moving away from this slow-cooking methods
  • Because of the fast pace of life and we are fortunate that the method still prevails and there is a greater awareness in preserving the value and nourishment of the ingredients.