Barberyn Webinar Video: Ayurveda Self Oil Application

Learn how the medicinal plants are identified, cultivated, harvested, transported and made into prepared medicines by the Ayurveda physicians at the Institute of Ayurveda and Alternative Medicine of Barberyn.

Today you will see the main ingredients used in Triphala, it’s benefits and different products made with it. Eg: Triphala oil, Triphala Powder, Triphala Pill, Triphala Eyedrop and Triphala body soap.

In the final segment of this video, Dr. Amila will demonstrate the self hand oil application using Ayurveda oils. Learn the benefits of hand massage, vital marma points in the hand and other useful techniques used by the Barberyn physicians. We hope you will practice the Ayurveda hand massage after watching the step by step guide that will help to improve your health, prevent diseases and enjoy a healthy life.